Boating Safety

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Safe Boating Weather Tips

Weather can be both friend and foe. Calm winds and seas make for enjoyable power boating, waterskiing, and fishing. A fresh breeze and a light chop provide an invigorating sailing or wind surfing experience. But the sudden emergence of dark clouds, shifting and gusty winds, torrential downpours and lightning can turn a day’s pleasure into a nightmare of distress. Here are some tips on how to keep your pleasure and safety to a maximum.


Several days ahead of time start listening for the National Weather Service extended 5-day outlooks on NOAA Weather Radio, AM/FM radio, and TV. The outlooks give general information to help you decide whether or not to continue making plans.

Take note of small boat cautionary statements, Small Craft Advisories, or Gale or Storm Warnings in the forecasts. The Advisories and Warnings (see definitions) alert mariners to higher winds and waves either occurring now or forecast to occur up to 24 hours from now. Advisories and Warnings for conditions expected later give mariners time to take action to protect life and property.

While on the Water

Information Provided by the National Weather Service Office of Climate, Water, and Weather Services